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The Best Modern Coffee Tables

The centerpiece of the living room, modern coffee tables are the place we gather around for conversation, family game nights or snacking on popcorn while we watch our favorite flicks. From functional storage coffee tables to the unexpected contemporary statement piece, it's important to choose the right coffee table for your living room based on your needs and design style. As you shop for your center table for the living room, think through the size, shape and material that best complements your space. From urban black coffee tables to bright white coffee tables, wooden to glass, round to square, we have a robust selection of modern coffee tables to choose from.

Coffee Table Sizes

Generally, coffee tables should be two-thirds the length of your sofa. So if your sofa is 90? long you will want a living room table that is about 60? long. Be sure to keep your coffee table to be proportionate to the room as a whole as well. For spacious living rooms that accommodate multiple seats, from accent chairs to ottomans, consider a large coffee table between 50 and 70 inches in width. For smaller living rooms, dens or apartments, a small coffee table less than 55 inches in width. In terms of height, a good rule of thumb is for your modern coffee table to be within one to two inches of the seat height of your sofa.

Coffee Table Shapes

As you browse coffee tables, use shape to establish balance and reinforce the overall aesthetic of your room. Generally, if most of the shapes in your space lean one way, angular or curved, choose a coffee table that's the opposite to add balance. For example, a rectangular or square coffee table pairs well with a curved sofa and round wall decor. On the other hand, a round coffee table adds balance to angular furniture and square elements in the room like fireplaces, windows and rectangular decor.

Coffee Table Materials

Finally, choose your material. From natural stone coffee tables to retro acrylic options, we have an assortment of edgy coffee table designs for the classic, luxe or modern living room.

Wooden Coffee Tables

Wooden coffee tables are by far the most popular thanks to their durability and timelessness. Whether they are made of tried and true oak or coveted burl wood, wooden coffee tables bring warmth to a room. The finish of wood coffee tables speak to the style of your room so consider their tone before making a selection. Light-toned woods bring an organic modern feel to a room while dark-toned woods are found in more traditional design styles. For added interest and elevation, consider a mixed-material option such as a wooden coffee table with a stone top, like travertine, agate or marble.

Acrylic and Glass Coffee Tables

Remove the visual clutter of your room with an acrylic or glass coffee table. The transparency of glass and acrylic makes a room feel more open which makes these coffee tables a great option for small-space living or anyone looking to make their space feel brighter and larger. When it comes to design styles, glass and acrylic coffee tables can lean many different ways depending on their base and form. Acrylic coffee tables give a nod to the retro style of the 60s and 70s. Meanwhile, glass coffee tables with a wooden base air on the midcentury modern side. Swap a wooden base for brass or gold legs and you air more luxurious glam. Regardless of your style, the best part of clear coffee tables is that they are the perfect opportunity to let the accessories do the talking.

Concrete Coffee Tables

For those who love organic materials and an on-trend edge, concrete coffee tables are a popular choice. They are both strong and durable making them a great coffee table option for indoors and outdoors. In addition to their durability, the neutrality of cement coffee tables make them a good starting point for designing the rest of your living room. Pair cement coffee tables with metals to lean into an ultra-industrial style. More of a mid-century modern person? Pair modern concrete coffee tables with sculptural wooden furniture. Whatever design style you choose, contrast the hardness of cement with soft upholstery and textiles. Think velvet sofas, plush throw pillows and cozy area rugs.

Marble Coffee Tables

Thanks to its classic beauty and timeless elegance, marble has taken center stage in the furniture world as of late with marble coffee tables being no exception. The swirls and veins of this ancient stone create visual interest without even trying. Let a marble coffee table be the grand anchor for a relaxed seating arrangement, but remember that marble is a soft stone susceptible to scratches and stains, so be sure to care for your marble piece properly.

Coffee Table Sets

Rather than choosing a single statement coffee table, curate a cohesive layout with coffee table sets. Complimentary coffee tables and side tables bring balance and simplicity to your space. Accent table sets also take the hard work out of furnishing your living room so if you want to kill two birds with one stone, shopping for coffee table sets is a great choice.

Styling Coffee Tables

It's all in the details when it comes to designing your living room. Once you choose your coffee table, it's time to accessorize. As a rule of thumb, keep accessories low to avoid disrupting the line of sight. Start with the essentials like coasters, trays and storage to hide clutter. Decorative boxes are the perfect organization option that doesn't sacrifice style. Then begin to layer in decorative objects for interest and personality. Think decorative bowls, coffee table books and candles. Finally, add a focal point such as a sculptural vase with real of faux botanicals for easy maintenance. Have fun but don't overcrowd with clutter.

When it's all said and done, make sure your coffee table flows with your existing furniture. Here are some suggestions: