Get the Look: Raw + Refined

Rustic imperfection with an edge

How to get organic modern style with CB2

You know when you’re flipping through a magazine (or a CB2 catalog, for that matter) and you see a room that makes you stop and say, “Ugh, why can’t I live THERE?” Welcome to “Get the Look,” where we break down some of our favorite trends to show you exactly how they came together — and how you can recreate them in your own home.

Picture the sleek design of Scandinavia and the unfussy Nordic coziness of hygge, with all its natural elements and perfectly imperfect finishes. Then throw in something a little bit unexpected, like marble or a burnished metal, and you’ve got our take on rustic decor.

That all sounds great, but what does any of it really mean when it comes to actually decorating a room? We turned to Senior Director of Visual Merchandising Sara Harter to get her take on this modern organic style — because if there’s one person in our office who’s a master at breaking down a look, it’s Sara.

How to get organic modern style with CB2


“What’s really nice about this look is it’s rooted in more natural elements,” Sara explains. “It just feels more comfortable. So when we put the stories together, it’s laid back but there’s still a slight edge to it.”

That edge is what makes it uniquely CB2: it’s not cabin rustic or even farmhouse rustic, it’s a little more modern and a lot more us. The base of the look relies on a lot of natural materials, like saddle leather and natural woods with raw edges, but then there will be a surprising juxtaposition of a high-gloss pendant or black marble side table. In fact, the whole raw and refined look really boils down to juxtaposition, whether it’s in the styling or the products themselves.

“That’s the beauty of it. It’s this bleached, raw-edge, huge slab of wood with the metal leg. Even the products themselves have that juxtaposition,” Sara explains.

“The look itself is unadorned and really simple yet oversized. Bleached, whitewashed, natural tones, yet it isn’t absent metal.”

How to get organic modern style with CB2How to get organic modern style with CB2How to get organic modern style with CB2


How to get organic modern style with CB2
To add a bit of organic modern style to your own space, keep that juxtaposition in mind. For example: Start with an oversized natural piece, like the Lumin White Linen Sectional, and incorporate even more natural materials like light woods and saddle leathers. Sara also loves a solid concrete piece, like the Facet Side Table in either ivory or grey.

But then — and this is key — pop it against something more sleek for that signature CB2 edge. Super sculptural elements work well here, too, like the I-Beam Marble Side Table.

You don’t have to design the look around a whole sofa, either. These tricks work just as well with coffee tables and even smaller tabletop accessories and decor. As Sara explains, “Look for that raw-edge, natural sort of thing and then combine it with an element that’s totally sculptural and slightly more refined.”


To keep the calming, zen vibe, finish the look with natural accessories (literally). We love a gorgeous, statement-making plant, but don’t be afraid to look to other parts of nature here, too. Take the stack of wood next to the fireplace in the first image, for example. Stones and crystals are also a great way to bring a bit of the great outdoors into your raw and refined space.
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