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tufted sofas

Those impressions on upholstered headboards, and on sofa and armchair backs? They are the result of tufting, a furniture upholstery practice that keeps the padding beneath the fabric from shifting or clumping, maintaining the comfort of the piece. Tufted sofas have a traditional look, the most well-known type being Chesterfield sofas, notable for their high, rolled arms and button tufting. Leather Chesterfields look classic and masculine in natural-material-themed living rooms, as well as studies, home offices and dens. Building a living room setup around a tufted sofa? Consider contrasting the details with a ]simple coffee table and side table, and a neutral area rug for an appealing juxtaposition. Don’t be afraid to experiment with material—toss a leather throw pillow or two on a velvet tufted sofa for a boldly textured look.


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