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modern fireplace accessories

Safely gather friends, family and neighbors round the entrancing flicker of firelight with our collection of modern fireplace accessories. Whether your fire is heating your home the old-fashioned way or simply setting the mood for a cozy winter get-together, it can’t be maintained without some essential fireplace tools. Look for a set that includes a shovel for coal, a broom to clear ash away from the hearth, and a poker to maneuver burning logs, paper and coal as you tend to the flames. Look for a fireplace screen that coordinates with your other living room accessories. If you choose a screen with a wire pattern on it, be cautious it doesn’t clash with the room’s area rug. Have an electric fireplace? You can still keep a stash of handsome birch, pine or oak logs in a basket of log holder to decorate the area with just-for-show modern fireplace accessories.


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