A Bright Office Update

May 15, 2017

Spotting CB2 in the new home of a popular lifestyle brand.

From the birth of her design blog in 2008, Kate Arends of Wit + Delight has built a beloved brand around clean design for the modern home. When a recent move to a larger studio prompted the need for more furniture and decor, we were happy to join in on the fun. Because the space is shaped like a lowercase ‘h,’ Kate and the team dreamed up a creative floor plan that carved out a foyer for greeting guests. Filled with CB2 products, the room looks welcoming and warm while maintaining its modern vibe. Other CB2 sightings in the space include our rue cambon chairs in the workspace and roadhouse leather stools in the kitchen. So what does the Wit + Delight team think of the results? We’ll let Kate weigh in herself.

How would you describe the overall aesthetic of your office?
“Comfortable and modern. I adore clean, sleek lines of typical modern furniture and spaces, but sometimes they come across as cold and uninviting. Since the studio is my home away from home, I want the space to be welcoming so I worked in some warm colors and textures that mix well with some of the more modern pieces.”

What is it about CB2 pieces that you like?
“Where do I start? My love affair with CB2 started while I was still living in a loft apartment. I was looking for pieces that would work well in a ‘downtown’ setting, that would transition to a ‘forever’ home. My favorite CB2 pieces take a modern furniture shape and refine it with a bold color or pattern. I like the seriousness of modern furniture with a little bit of quirk.”

Why opt for a daybed over a typical sofa?
“One of our goals for the studio is to be a showroom of amazing products. Our foyer is the first entry point for all clients and guests, and we wanted to feature pieces that wouldn’t normally be in a ‘waiting room.’ The lawndale brown leather daybed felt much more versatile for our needs and unique to the space. Brown leather goes with any and all decor. I also need pieces that are hard-working and ‘dog proof.’ Winnie is at the studio constantly and I need pieces that can withstand dog hair.

How did you pick out a rug for the space?
‘With the studio being a ‘showroom,’ I want to challenge myself to go outside of my comfort zone, aesthetically. I’m fascinated with the motif of the desert dhurrie rug, and wanted to incorporate a piece that was just outside of my signature style. The colors felt right at home with the other pieces in the foyer, and added an extra jolt of ‘warmth.’”

When it came to chairs, what did you look for?
“I adore this chair style. It’s vintage and modern at its finest. I was looking for pieces that didn’t feel like the typical ‘waiting room’ that were also hard working. The cowhide on these viceroy chairs provides an unexpected visual and textural pop.”

What do you look for in terms of a coffee table?
“The slab coffee table is the hardest working piece in the foyer. The balance of the heavy marble slab with the delicate brass base is the epitome of thoughtful design. The simplicity of the coffee table really allows it to be paired with just about any piece, and elevate it instantly. I also just feel like a good coffee table is hard to come by, so I was really happy when I found this piece.”

Why did you incorporate the column pedestals?
“Using common materials in unexpected ways is very exciting to me. The visual (and physical) weight of each of these pedestals grounds the room.”

Finally, let’s talk shelving. What were you going for?
“While the foyer acts as a showroom, I wanted the space to still be functional. The stax console doubles as a display as well is an incredibly streamlined piece that balances out the room.”

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