Presents By Personality

December 3, 2015

Four cleverly-grouped gifts for some of your favorite people.

The risk of giving one big gift for Christmas is this: the recipient doesn’t really like it. But with a set of smaller presents, you have a better chance of striking it right. To help you master the perfect mix, we’ve handpicked items to please a few different personalities. So whether you’re treating a lady of leisure, nerd at heart, jokester or artisanal addict, we’ve got an idea all wrapped up for you. See the diagrams of Christmas gift basket ideas below and feel free to thank us later.

Decadent Dame

She appreciates the finer things in life, especially when they’re pretty or plush.
silver and copper baskets, herbivore pink clay bar soap, herbivore bamboo charcoal bar soap, brass plant mister, icelandic sheepskin throw, arrow ring holder, gold playing cards

Nerd Alert

For the dorky friend who happily dives head first into gadgets and games.
crosshatch large basket, usb key chain, model airplane, 11-in-1 tool, marble chess game, iroller® screen cleaner

Wannabe Comedian

The joke’s always on you when this clown’s hangs around.
papier basket small camel, bracelet flask, nut hammer, ninja bandages, lookin’ good comb, shark jaw bottle opener

Artisanal Addict

The words “handmade” and “eco-friendly” make this friend’s heart melt.
market basket, himalayan rock salt and grater set, wood 6 pack holder with opener, earth blocks, bandito leather organizer, set of 6 equal denim coasters

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