style advice for an out-of-the-box bedroom

August 6, 2015

We help solve your most difficult design dilemmas.

Stumped on how to decorate the wall above your sofa? Not sure quite how to mix vintage furniture with new accessories? We’re kicking off a new series to solve all of your design problems. Simply post your dilemma on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #CB2Sessions, and we’ll select a few favorites to figure out for you. In this month’s sessions, we asked our stylist Aaron Hom to answer a few tough questions about decorating a small bedroom, all of which are illustrated in this photo he styled for a recent photoshoot.

The largest room in my studio apartment is the living room. Can I make it my bedroom?
Of course! These days, old brownstones are often chopped up and you’ll have a studio apartment in what was once a living room. In this living room we styled for our latest catalog, we created a space that multi-tasks as a bedroom and an office.

Does your bed always have to be positioned against the largest wall in a room?
It may seem unorthodox, but you can push everything into the center of the room. This layout allows you to easy walk around the room and brings such a different energy in the room. This bed has an upholstered headboard, so it looks good from all angles. Bonus: it’s really easy to make in the morning.

How can I incorporate a desk into my bedroom without making it feel like an office?
I hate when a desk gets relegated to a lousy corner. If you have a beautiful desk, show it off! This one is really great because it has hidden storage. The top slides back so you have space to put a laptop inside. If it wasn’t that type of desk, you’d be looking at work and mail all of the time. It’s a great space saver and doesn’t take up much of a footprint nesting against the bed. I also love that your desk lamp functions as your bedside reading lamp at night.

Help! I need storage ideas for my bedroom that aren’t ugly. Got any suggestions?
Here, we used a vertical bookcase that looks like a sculpture. It’s a beautiful, clean way to display colorful art books. We also transformed a high-gloss chest with thatch adhesive wallpaper that adds texture and warmth.

Can I decorate a traditional space with modern furniture?
Yes! When you have very modern furniture in traditional house, little touches create texture to make it feel homey and friendly rather than cold. Here, we hung a few Instagram photos in warm wooden frames, and created a pretty vignette with modern accessories on the gorgeous, old mantle.

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