self-adhesive wallpaper

January 24, 2014

Channel your inner artist with a simple project that transforms any space.

If you take a look at our recent catalog, you’ll notice we’re stuck on blank white wallpaper. It offers endless opportunities for creativity (on walls, furniture, in frames). Plus, it’s great for renters: a self-adhesive backing makes it removable. To create your own artwork—like the swooping pattern shown here—follow our instructions below.

Pencil and paper
Interior latex paint, as desired
Paint rollers
Paint brush
Paint trays
Japanese calligraphy ink


  1. To get started, use our handy online calculator to determine the number of DIY self-adhesive wallpaper rolls needed.
  2. Apply the peel-stick paper to the surface. Installation should go quickly since the paper is blank—no patterns to line-up. And if you want the wallpaper to be a specific background color, simply coat it with a few coats of latex paint.
  3. To create a design on the paper, sketch your idea on a piece of blank paper with a pencil. Once you’re satisfied, lightly sketch it out on the wall with pencil.
  4. To paint the broad, black lines shown here, we used a 2” wide house painting brush dipped in Japanese calligraphy ink (it’s the perfect consistency and has a really dramatic, rich color). Note: If a specific paint color is preferred for the artwork—or if latex or acrylic paints are chosen—water the paint down to a consistency close to milk to help the brush flow. You also might need to apply two coats.
  5. Create broad black lines by not stopping in the middle of a loop—even if your brush runs out of paint. It’s better to go back and do a second coat to make the lines opaque. The drips shown here were a happy accident, and we added more for dramatic effect.