rug headboard

August 4, 2015

We show you an easy way to elevate a colorful floor covering.

Roll out our Panja rug and your room is sure to feel brighter and more adventurous. But to really do something groundbreaking, display it as a headboard. That’s the genius tip we picked up from the editors of Good Housekeeping, who crafted a simple way to repurpose this beauty in the bedroom. All you’ll need to create your rug headboard is a long dowel, a drill, and some rope to follow their instructions below.


Find a sturdy dowel, curtain rod, or (as seen here) bamboo pole over which to drape your rug.


Hold pole up against wall horizontally; measure the desired height and length for the rug headboard. Two inches in from each end of pole, drill two screws into wall, leaving a half inch of screw exposed.


Wrap rope or twine around pole four or five times. Then wrap three more times, leaving three inches of slack for hanging onto screws. Drape rug over top.

Here are three more rugs that wow on the wall:

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