meet robert and cortney novogratz

May 3, 2012

Get to know one of the coolest couples in the design world.

How did you meet?
We met at a party in Charlotte NC. It was love at first sight.

You both come from families very similar to your own—big and design oriented—do you see your kids becoming a third generation?
We hope it will become a family business. Since we are so hands-on with our kids and work out of our homes, the kids are definitely exposed to our fun, creative and crazy world.

With a large, active family and a growing business, how do you stay organized?
It’s organized chaos but organized. We are doers and get things done.

What’s your favorite room in your house?
The kitchen.

Where is your favorite place in the world and are there any destinations on your wish list?
Paris. We love big urban cities. We’d love to go to Capetown and Tokyo.

Do you have an absolute favorite find from your world travels or local treasure hunts? Any items you regret not purchasing?
A vintage foosball table from Italy was a favorite. And we have few regrets because we enjoy the hunt.

What inspires you?
Our children.

Which has more influence on a project—the architecture or the people who live there?
The people. Every home should be a direct reflection of the people who live there. From their personalities to the way they live, a project is most influenced by its inhabitants.

Do you have a favorite architect?
Frank Gehry. We love his work because he balances art, sculpture, and architecture in a way nobody else has. The second you lay eyes on a Gehry building, you know he designed it.

If you could Novogratz absolutely anyone’s home, whose would it be?
The White House. We love the history of the home and all of the amazing people who have lived there before, but we would love to make it more fun and better reflect the Obama family.

What are your favorite and least favorite colors?
Love all colors. Don’t like tones like beige.

Why did you want to work with CB2?
The people—it’s a big family too!

Do you have one low-budget decorating tip?
Paint can transform a space.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t take your success—or your failures—too seriously.