Your Guide to Jennifer Fisher’s Endlessly Covetable Style

These are a few of her favorite things, starting with her first home collection

Jennifer Fisher Interview: Her new home collection with CB2

If you’re not already obsessed with jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher, you’re about to be. Her updated classics with an edgy twist are a staple of celebrities everywhere — and your most stylish friends, for that matter. It all started because Jennifer couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for, so she decided to design it herself. Now, she’s taken that approach to creating a collection of furniture and home decor inspired by her most iconic pieces.

Her CB2 collection evolved much the same way as her jewelry did: “I wanted to design a home collection because I’ve always collected found goods and taken the time to really curate specific pieces,” Jennifer explains. “But I still have a really hard time finding exactly what I want, so I decided to design them myself.”

We talked to Jennifer about why she wanted to expand into furniture and decor now, her inspirations behind the collection and just what makes her style so envy-inducing. And, if we’re being honest, we’re not above stealing said style for ourselves. Read on for the full Jennifer Fisher interview.

Jennifer Fisher Interview: Her new home collection with CB2

Jewelry-inspired (but never derivative)

The Jennifer Fisher Collection for CB2 has a lot in common with her jewelry line, without being in your face about it. Just like a great pair of hoops can transform jeans and a t-shirt, you want to have those classic pieces for your home that you can live with for years and never tire of. Jennifer didn’t invent hoop earrings, chain link necklaces, marble coffee tables or cushy chaises — but you could argue she perfected them.

“It’s almost like the pieces we have created match anything, sort of like those classic pieces of jewelry,” Jennifer says. “And whenever I’m purchasing furniture or accessories I always look to buy things that I won’t get sick of. These are my essentials, basically. I designed my essentials for you guys.”

There are also subtle jewelry-inspired details throughout the collection. Jennifer Fisher Easter Eggs, if you will. “We have little notes that bring in iconic things in our jewelry line. The link we have that sort of floats around the mirror is actually one of the links from our chain that we’ve had since we started the company. There’s lots of tubing that’s familiar to our Samira Hoop,” she explains. “But I didn’t want anything to feel too glam or over-accessorized. I’m not one to want to have a ton of extra detail in my pieces. The jewelry’s the detail.”

Jennifer Fisher Interview: Her new home collection with CB2
Jennifer Fisher Interview: Her new home collection with CB2

The jewelry’s the detail.

Speaking of jewelry, The Jennifer Fisher Collection would not be complete without some jewelry organizers that are so stylish, they give your actual jewelry a run for its money.

“The number one question I am asked is how I store and organize all my jewelry,” Jennifer says. “These were designed specifically to store your daily-wear pieces that you just want to take off at the end of the day and put back on in the morning. Buy them in multiples.”

Jennifer Fisher Interview: Her new home collection with CB2Jennifer Fisher Interview: Her new home collection with CB2

I wanted everything to feel like essentials that you didn’t know that you needed.

Jennifer Fisher Interview: Her new home collection with CB2

Problem-solving in style

Almost everything in the collection addresses an issue Jennifer was trying to solve. “We were very thoughtful,” she says. “I was mindful of things that I have at home but I’m not quite happy with. How can I improve some of these essential everyday pieces? I wanted to make sure people would be happy with the collection, that it’s functional without feeling expected.”

One example? Upgrading a standard industrial clothing rack to this sleek acrylic-and-metallic version. “I’m always talking about how I lay my stuff out and the rack is perfect for that,” Jennifer explains. “I use it to plan my outfits or when packing for a trip. It’s something you can keep out and be happy to look at.” Another pro tip: it’s also perfect to roll out when you’re hosting a party, especially if you’re short on space in the hall closet and don’t want guests tossing their coats just anywhere.

It’s all of a piece with Jennifer’s great taste and attention to detail. “I think the collection is definitely based on my personal style,” Jennifer continues. “I wanted everything to feel like essentials that you didn’t know that you needed, but then once you have them you’re like, ‘oh my gosh, how did I live without that?’” Well, we think she succeeded, if we do say so ourselves.

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