Glass Ball Chandelier

November 5, 2015

How to hang this fun, futuristic display in one hour flat.

On its own, a single hanging orb strands looks modern and elegant in any space. But group a bunch of strands together and you get a seriously stunning effect. Just ask stylist Shawn King, who relied on an asterix flake and 8-10 orb strands to create this arrangement for a recent catalog shoot. He shared his secrets to installing the asterix flake and how to display your leftover glass balls.

  1. Steady yourself on a ladder, then use anchors to install an asterix flake to the ceiling (make sure that it can support the weight of all of the glass balls).
  2. Holding the hook at the end of the strand, hang a single orb from the frame. Decide the longest length that you would like your chandelier to hang and cut its wire accordingly.
  3. Continue hanging strands and cutting them to your desired lengths. Make some long and some shorter. You can always rearrange them to see what looks best.
  4. Place the extra glass balls that you cut off in a large decorative bowl on your coffee table.
hanging 21 orbs strand
asterix flake