Dad Gifts that Pack a Punch

June 8, 2016

Honor your father dearest with a handsome gift, plus an activity he’ll love.

Over the years, you’ve given him personalized coffee mugs, grill gadgets a-plenty, and framed photos for his desk at work. So what do you get the guy who seems to have everything already? These seven ideas pair cool, new products that he’s sure to love with an outing to a place he’d never think to go or a show he’s been dying to see. These Father’s Day gift ideas are thoughtfully themed and easy to pull together, so get gifting.

For the Aspiring Paleontologist
Everett the dinosaur + tickets to amusement park or an archaeological museum or dig site (find your local site/museum here).

For the Whisky Enthusiast
Flask and shot glass set + whisky tasting class (visit Whisky Advocate for classes/events near you)

For the Music Man
Guitar holder + concert tickets so he can jam out to his favorite band (search SeatGeek for tickets).

For the Adventurous Spirit
Cork globe + trip to a dream destination, marked by a pin in the globe (here’s a guide in case you need some inspiration).

For the Handy Dad
Tool box + instructions on how to build his own [fill in the blank] home project.

For the Chef in Training
Knife board + cooking class (look for a deals on sites such as Groupon and Living Social).

For the Game Night Guy
Marble chess game + night in with the family (no technology allowed!).