No-Maintenance Room Makeover

June 20, 2017

The stylish secret that’ll spruce up any space—faux real.

When Austin-based interior designer Matt Tang isn’t out shopping for clients or on site visit, he comes up with his brightest ideas in his home office. But here’s the catch: his office is dark due to its western-facing location and single window shaded by a tree. So while the room is cooler during the summer, it offers limited sunlight year-round. To bring the space to life despite its shady setting, Matt turned to lush wallpaper and our new collection of faux botanicals. Using a mix of varieties, sizes, and textures, Matt created an inspiring workspace full of growth potential. Here, he shares his styling secrets and why he’s a fan of mixing in faux plants with real ones.

Why did you chose this wallpaper and what effect does it create?
“I wanted something dramatic and graphic. I kept the room fairly monochromatic, using plants and hints of brass to warm up the space. The caymen paper was the perfect accent for a focal wall that balanced the neutral walls while introducing a bit of the tropics.”

Faux plants sometimes get a bad rap. Why do you love them?
“They’re tricky to work with and make most people think of grandma’s house with bad imitation ficuses and forever grapes draped from the top of cabinets. I’ve grown to appreciate faux plants, especially the ones that are life-like. You have to love their low-maintenance nature and how they add life to spaces that don’t always have natural light. Recently, I’ve seen a growing use of faux palm and monstera leaves. They’re a great way to keep vases looking “forever fresh” without having to spend on new greens.”

Do you have any rules on incorporating different plants together? How do you know when enough is enough?
“I like to incorporate all different styles of plants, so not always sticking to just tropicals or traditional indoor plants. When it comes down to it, make sure you have a good balance of small, medium and large plants of different textures. I tend to lean towards more tropical plants like palms, elephant ears, and ficus lyrata (aka fiddle figs) and a good variety of succulents. I also love a good pothos. I say you can never have enough plants, but it often comes down to the form versus function. Does the space flow practically? Are you stumbling over plants? Does it look like an episode of Hoarders?”

How does the space make you feel now that it’s filled with new plants?
“It feels so inspiring, fresh, and really keeps my creative juices flowing!”

Get the look of Matt’s blooming workspace with our faux botanicals: