Build your own bloody mary bar

October 2, 2015

The perfect recipe for a brunch party starring everyone’s favorite boozy cocktail.

If you ask us, a world without bloody mary brunches would be just plain brutal. We’re so obsessed, in fact, that we started dreaming up our own DIY bloody mary bar. We taste-tested our favorite mixes and fixings, and found that with just a little pre-planning, anyone can take over hosting duties. Gather the stuff you need, from ingredients to decor, the evening before and set out everything in its place—minus what needs to stay refrigerated. That way, you can feel less hectic and headachy come morning. Follow the instructions below to build your own bloody mary bar.

1. Set up a warm backdrop with a fresh color palette. Pick a spot in a room that’s best for your bar, then consider hanging or draping a textile or rug as a backdrop so it feels extra inviting. We draped our double text grey rug over an existing beam, then selected accessories in signature bloody mary colors. Our olive green tux ice bucket and hi-gloss mint tray play up the natural green fixings (celery, olives, and pickles) without being too matchy-matchy, while our intermix gray platter and mint plates subtly serve snacks on the side.

2. Spell out your recipe with stickers. Because it’s annoying to keep repeating yourself to people making drinks, but your handwriting is far from perfect. Use stickers on a surface you already have at home, like one of our swarm mirrors, to spell out your secret recipe. Ours: 4 ounces mix (this one’s our favorite) + 2 ounces vodka = no-brainer bloody mary!

3. Arrange fun skewers for your garnishes. We slid cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella balls, peppers and pickles onto skewers meant for grilling. That way people can munch or dunk them in their drink while they sip.

4. Top the skewers off with name flags for each guest. This ensures that no one misses out—and shows you deserve an A+ for effort. We cut green paper in the shape of leaves, then positioned them atop cherry tomatoes before taping them in place.

5. Think creatively about your containers. You don’t have to own a bunch of glassware or pitchers to pull off the party. Look around the house and grab vessels that will double as something else. For instance, we used our colada pineapple vase to stash celery stalks (note: the vase isn’t food-safe, so use a liner if you plan to eat them), and we filled our glass milk carton creamer with lemon juice. And that skewer holder? It’s our gold bars double old-fashioned glass.

6. Put your herbs on ice. This is the easiest trick in the book for dressing up a drink. Drop some herbs into your ice cube tray the night before—we did this with dill—then let them freeze overnight. We can promise your guests will be amazed at how much “planning” you put into this party.

CATEGORIES: house party