Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

June 16, 2017

Bright ideas for even the littlest of loos.

In your dream bathroom, a clawfoot tub would rest below a big beautiful window across from a double vanity with endless storage. In reality, your stand-up shower is 6 inches from your sink, which barely has room to hold your toothbrush. Until the country house of our shared fantasy comes true, we’re making do with smart storage solutions, minimal light fixtures, and textiles that provide a warm, welcoming vibe. Check out this set-up featured in a recent catalog, which is packed with fresh storage ideas that make even the smallest bathroom feel special.

1. Opt for storage with a light, open feel.
Our odean large cabinet offers five shelves of vertical space for stashing toiletries, textiles and more. A slim metal frame streamlines the look, while frosted glass panes offer a sense of mystery without blocking the light. Another airy option? Our sift gold two-story tower made of cool industrial mesh cubbies.

2. Sconces shed light without taking up floor space.
A pair of black flush mount lamps flank the bathroom mirror. Why do we love them? The vintage-inspired fixtures add industrial interest without being too flashy.

3. Mirrors always make rooms look bigger.
Our croft brass wall mirror has a warm, welcoming glow that radiates around the room. Its rectangular frame with rounded corners is simply chic.

4. Organize towels in a barely there way.
The modern update on the boring towel bar? A rack that’s as pretty as it is practical. Our clean-lined brass towel rack holds three towels at any given time, looks chic even when it’s empty, and takes up very little floor space.

5. Carve out a spot for handsome holders.
Your toothbrush and cotton balls won’t notice the difference, but give them a new pretty home and you’ll instantly feel cleaner. Our marble toothbrush-razor cup, tray, canister, and soap pump change the storage game for good.

6. Baskets help conceal and corral.
Dirty laundry, extra towels and miscellaneous bathroom stuff find a nice home in eye-catching containers like our beso rattan basket. Our parkay plastic hamper also gets the job done with sturdy straps and plenty of room inside.

7. Create a foundation of texture.
Nothing spoils a long, hot shower like a crappy, scratchy bath mat. Some of our favorite options—cirrus, ombre—offer spa-like quality with stylish looks. We’re talking fluffy chenille pompoms that are super absorbent and rugs hand dip-dyed by artisans.

8. Then carry that texture through the room.
A shower curtain provides the perfect opportunity to layer on warmth and color in textile form. The trick is not to overwhelm the space with pattern and color. Our blue ombre curtain will step up your bath game the minute you hang it.

9. Faux plants add ump with zero upkeep.
In an instant, your small bathroom can go from lame to lush with the addition of faux plants. Far from your grandma’s artificial flowers, our new artificial palm leaves and stems are incredibly life-like. And no matter how many times you forget to water them, they’ll always look fresh.