Introducing CB2’s Resident Color Expert

June 20, 2016

Artist Adrienne Raquel brightens our world with a bold new Instagram series.

The way we see it, there’s no such thing as too much color. Which is why we’re thrilled to announce our latest partnership with a 25-year-old artist who captures the brightest and boldest hues on her Instagram account (@adrienneraquel). Adrienne Raquel is inspired by warm, tropical motifs, powerful symbols of femininity, and her natural surroundings. A graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in advertising and studio art, Adrienne is now based in New York City and has worked with brands and magazines such as Urban Outfitters, InStyle, and Nylon. Each month, she’ll be pairing CB2 products with color trends of the moment depicted in her vibrant lifestyle photography. Here, Adrienne fills us in on how she got started, where she finds inspiration, and her all-time favorite color (pink!).

How did you get into photography?
“The first time I picked up a camera was in high school, but I didn’t develop my passion for photography until college. I entered college as a graphic design major and ultimately fell in love with photography after taking a series of darkroom courses. Shortly after, I began snapping self-portraits and then eventually photographed models. Since then, my work has transitioned and I’m currently obsessed with capturing conceptual shots and still life imagery.”

Do you have a studio or work from home?
“My workspace is usually dependent on the type of project that I am undertaking. For fashion editorials, I shoot in a studio space in downtown Manhattan or on location. I capture many of my still life shots in the comfort of my home studio.”

What work are you proudest of?
“I honestly have a sense of pride in all of the work that I produce. Each body of work is significant and has its own unique meaning to me. I am, however, pretty stoked about this partnership with CB2, and I can’t wait to share the playful imagery that I’ve created with your products!”

What are your sources of inspiration?
“My work is heavily influenced by nature and my overall surroundings. Living in Houston’s warm, sub-tropical environment definitely influenced my work. I’m also heavily inspired by graphic elements such as lines, shape, and texture. NYC’s architecture plays a pretty big role in that.”

Have you always loved color?
“Yes!! I’ve always been infatuated with colors and color theory. I was a SUPER creative kid growing up, so I always found ways to experiment with colors through different mediums. Colors are truly fascinating and they fuel many of our experiences.”

How you describe your work, and how is it informed by color?
“My work is playful, vibrant, and nostalgic. And in a sense, it’s also minimalistic. The colors that I capture are deliberate and well thought-out, and when I travel, I’m constantly in search of colorful places and objects. I like to make the simplest of things look grandiose through the use of color play, and I want my photography to radiate good vibes.”

Do you have an all-time favorite color? How about a color combo?
“Hmm, this is a tough one! I’d have to say that my all-time favorite would have to be pink. It’s such a divine color that I feel gets underrated by many. In color psychology, pink is symbolic of hope and it ultimately brings forth warm and comforting feelings that reassure emotional energy. Not to mention that fact that it is bold, bright and fun—all characteristics that I want my work to possess. And my favorite color combination is pink and blue.”

How will you select the color trends each month?
“As a color lover, I follow trends wherever I go. One key way that I determine color trends is by observing what’s on clothing racks. NYC is city of fashion, so a lot of a season’s colors are evident in many of the retail stores. I also am an avid follower of Pantone Universe color reports. This month is all about pale pink, pastel blues, and warm yellows.”

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