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Inspired by the abstract works of Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock, "across the divide" is a balanced composition on a striking scale. "The combination of texture and the contrast of color provides something new to look at each time—something to experience," explains Kent Youngstrom. The artist creates heavy texture and movement throughout the piece by pulling a trowel through acrylic paint. An original piece by Youngstrom, signed and numbered for authenticity.

Kent Youngstrom is a Charlotte, N.C.-based artist who paints to spur feelings of connection, desire, intimacy and depth through his marrying of fine art and street art. "I'm attracted to the pitch and yaw of opposites, their nuances and perplexing subtleties," says Youngstrom. His ultimate goal: simplicity, with shades of complexities.

Original artwork
Acrylic on canvas
Single-orientation D-ring hardware

'across the divide' Original Acrylic Painting 48"X60"