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Modern Cabinet Hardware: Knobs, Cabinet Pulls, Drawer Pulls & Handles

Get a handle on styling your space with modern drawer knobs and pulls. Updating the kitchen? Rather than replacing the cabinets, give them a facelift with a fresh coat of paint and some new pull knobs. Get a moody look by contrasting matte black paint with polished brass or nickel drawer pulls, or deliver a playful feel with a pastel hue and stone pull knobs instead. Same goes for the bedroom. Giving dressers and nightstands a major makeover is easier than it looks. For an eclectic take, swap out basic dresser knobs for ones in unexpected shapes—think raw stones, geometric forms or even animal silhouettes. Then, play it up with whimsical decor like multi-colored pillows, objets d'art and decorative lighting. Alternatively, a natural wood dresser with black knobs embraces the old-school look. Try balancing that understated piece with leather bedroom furniture for some visual interest that still fits your vintage vibe. You can even use modern drawer knobs and pulls to quickly refresh the bathroom vanity. If you've got a tile floor, the selection process is easy: just add coordinating pull knobs to the vanity cabinets and drawers for a cohesive look. To score bonus style points, coordinate your hardware selection with the frame of your vanity mirror for that put-together look.