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Show off your stems and style with our decorative vases for flowers and botanicals. From smooth and textured whites to shimmering golds and elegant glass, our modern designs will feel at home in any room.


peyton red vaseNewpeyton red vase$24.99reg. $29.95
marble vaseNewmarble vase$39.95
pleat teal vaseNewpleat teal vase$79.95
carlyle vaseNewcarlyle vase$29.95
triangle vaseNewtriangle vase$14.95
axis white vaseNewaxis white vase$39.95
dot grey vaseNewdot grey vase$29.95
zoe silver vaseNewzoe silver vase$14.95
fireside vaseNewfireside vase$34.95
mia navy vaseNewmia navy vase$17.95
nile glass vaseNewnile glass vase$49.95
savoy vasessavoy vases$49.95 - $49.99
savoy rust vasesavoy rust vase$49.99reg. $59.95
spin vasespin vase$89.95
panorama vasepanorama vase$59.99reg. $69.95
vicus vasevicus vase$59.95
xylo vasexylo vase$14.95
ai bud vasesai bud vases$10.95 each
puckr vasespuckr vases$34.95 - $39.95
kyoto vasekyoto vase$19.95
eva vaseeva vase$14.95
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