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Multi-functional style. Whether you top them with a serving tray or use for extra seating, our modern ottomans and benches are as practical as they are fashionable. Ottomans and poufs are great leg rests and floor seats in the living room or basement, while benches look stylish in the entryway or bedroom. Storage components add extra functionality while keeping your space chic and tidy.


movie birch storage ottomanSwatch images+59 moreNewmovie birch storage ottoman$499.00 - $799.00
tufted ottomanSwatch images tufted ottoman$449.00
parlour ottomanSwatch images+64 moreparlour ottoman$399.00 - $649.00
parlour ottomanSwatch images+64 moreparlour ottoman$399.00 - $649.00
club ottomanSwatch images+63 moreclub ottoman$499.00 - $799.00
parlour ottomanSwatch images+64 moreparlour ottoman$399.00 - $649.00
layne ottomanSwatch images+63 morelayne ottoman$199.00 - $699.00reg. $399.00 - $699.00
movie storage ottomanSwatch images+59 moremovie storage ottoman$499.00 - $799.00
lotus natural ottomanlotus natural ottoman$399.00reg. $499.00
movie storage ottomanmovie storage ottoman$399.00reg. $499.00
gallop benchNewgallop bench$599.00
SAIC L benchSAIC L bench$399.00reg. $499.00
braided hemp jute poufNewbraided hemp jute pouf$159.00free shipping eligible
knitted silver grey poufNewknitted silver grey pouf$79.95free shipping eligible
The Hill-Side disintegrated floral print poufNewThe Hill-Side disintegrated floral print...$199.00free shipping eligible
profile poufNewprofile pouf$129.00free shipping eligible
rook light grey poufNewrook light grey pouf$249.00free shipping eligible
nelio poufNewnelio pouf$89.95free shipping eligible
faux fur grey poufNewfaux fur grey pouf$159.00free shipping eligible
rainbow snake poufrainbow snake pouf$169.00reg. $199.00free shipping eligible
faux fur pouffaux fur pouf$159.00free shipping eligible
wool wrap navy poufwool wrap navy pouf$129.00free shipping eligible
kilim poufkilim pouf$279.00free shipping eligible
leather black poufleather black pouf$199.00free shipping eligible
denim black poufdenim black pouf$179.00free shipping eligible
braided hemp poufbraided hemp pouf$79.95free shipping eligible
wool wrap poufwool wrap pouf$129.00free shipping eligible
leather poufleather pouf$199.00free shipping eligible
knitted blood orange poufknitted blood orange pouf$79.95free shipping eligible
knitted graphite poufknitted graphite pouf$79.95free shipping eligible
xbase poufxbase pouf$129.00free shipping eligible
jumbo knit natural poufjumbo knit natural pouf$199.00free shipping eligible
jumbo knit shale poufjumbo knit shale pouf$199.00free shipping eligible
criss knit black poufcriss knit black pouf$199.00free shipping eligible
novus plastic polish-cleaner kitnovus plastic polish-cleaner kit$12.95free shipping eligible
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