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sale furniture

Shop our modern furniture sale to find discount tables and chairs that are easy on the eyes and on your wallet. Add much-needed extra seating options in your living room or family room with lounge chairs, loveseats and corner chairs on sale. Also find extra surface space at a great value with our discount tables designed for urban spaces.
parlour sofa
parlour sofa $1,299.00 reg. $1,399.00
piazza sofa piazza sofa $1,199.00 reg. $1,399.00 + Additional Colors
decker right arm chaise decker right arm chaise $1,299.00 reg. $1,399.00 + Additional Colors
decker left arm chaise decker left arm chaise $1,299.00 reg. $1,399.00 + Additional Colors
cielo II corner chair cielo II corner chair $699.00 reg. $799.00
rainbow snake pouf rainbow snake pouf $129.00 reg. $199.00
studio II office chair studio II office chair $159.00 reg. $199.00
bento coffee table bento coffee table $399.00 reg. $449.00
bento side table bento side table $179.00 reg. $219.00
knot side table knot side table $169.00 reg. $199.00
recluse desk recluse desk $349.00 reg. $449.00
mesh bookcase mesh bookcase $249.00 reg. $299.00
quilt floor screen quilt floor screen $549.00 reg. $599.00
elysse chair New elysse chair $549.00 reg. $649.00
peacock chair New peacock chair $269.00 reg. $289.00
wire side table wire side table $129.00 reg. $149.00
escale cooler cart New escale cooler cart $499.00 reg. $549.00
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