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Modern Dining Room Tables, Breakfast Tables & Bistro Tables

Find the best modern dining table for your kitchen or dining room. Whether you're feasting for the holidays or having a routine weeknight family meal, your dining room table is an important piece of furniture to congregate around for meals and conversation. That's why it's important you find one that serves your lifestyle. Consider shape, material and size when looking for a modern dining room table.

Dining Table Shapes

  • Round Dining Tables: A popular choice for modern dining rooms, round dining tables offer a variety of benefits. They are great for saving space thanks to their smaller footprint when compared to square and rectangular options. Plus, their rounded edges bring softness to the room and offer more safety for children than the sharp edges of angular tables. Another benefit of round tables is that their circular shape creates a more intimate atmosphere for conversations making them an excellent choice for families and the frequent host.
  • Square Dining Tables: Square dining tables have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their sleek, modern look. The symmetry of square dining tables creates a sense of balance making the dining room feel more organized and put together. Like round dining tables, square tables also offer more intimacy for conversation.
  • Rectangular Dining Tables: Rectangular dining tables are the most classic dining table shape. One of the main advantages of rectangular dining tables is their ability to accommodate large groups of people, including groups of eight or ten.
  • Oval Dining Tables: Oval dining tables bring you the best of both worlds from rectangular and round shapes. They can accommodate multiple guests while also keeping the space intimate for conversation thanks to their rounded nature.

Dining Table Materials

After considering the shape of your dining room table, next think about materials. Modern dining tables come in a variety of options, including wood, metal and glass. Each material offers unique advantages.

  • Wood Dining Tables: Wood has a natural warmth and character that cannot be replicated by other materials thanks to unique grain patterns and color variations. Wooden dining tables are also some of the most durable, easily withstanding the wear and tear of daily use. It is less likely to scratch or dent than other materials, making it an excellent choice for families with young children or pets.
  • Glass Dining Tables: Glass dining tables are an elegant option for formal dining rooms. One of the main advantages of glass dining tables is their transparency, which creates an illusion of space and makes smaller rooms appear larger. Some common watch-outs for glass tables include their fragility, cost and how often they need to be cleaned.
  • Marble Dining Tables: The natural beauty of marble is unmatched by any other material, with its unique patterns, colors and veining that make each dining table one-of-a-kind. However, marble dining tables require much care and attention. Due to the porous nature of marble, it can easily stain. Plus, marble is a soft stone that can easily scratch or chip. Also, beware of heat damage from hot pots and dishes.
  • Metal Dining Tables: Metal dining tables, like wooden dining tables, can withstand heavy use, making them ideal for busy households, commercial settings or outdoor spaces. They are easy to clean and don't scratch easily. Available in various finishes such as brushed steel, polished chrome, blackened iron, or brass, metal dining tables are a unique choice that adds visual interest to any space.

Material and frame play a large role in the overall aesthetic of your dining room but don't forget about color. From black dining tables to white dining tables, gold dining tables to chrome, CB2 has a robust selection of modern dining and kitchen table colors to choose from.

Popular Questions About Dining Tables

What size dining table should I get?

The size of your dining table depends on the size of your room and the number of people you want to seat. A general rule is to leave at least 36 inches between the edge of the table and the wall or other furniture to allow for easy movement.

How many chairs can fit around a dining table?

The number of dining chairs that can fit around a dining table depends on the size and shape of the table as well as the width of each chair. As a general guideline, you should allow at least 24 inches of space per person.

How do I clean and maintain my dining table?

The cleaning and maintenance requirements for your dining table will depend on its material. Most tables can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage the surface.

Should I invest in an expandable or extendable dining table for flexibility in seating arrangements?

If you regularly host large groups but have limited space an expandable or extendable option may be worth considering as it provides greater flexibility in seating arrangements without taking up too much room when not in use.