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Dine comfortably with stylish seating options from CB2. With modern dining chairs and benches, our innovative collection offers fresh new ways to gather your friends and family around the table. For counters or high-top tables, try our sleek bar stools.


thea white faux leather chairNewthea white faux leather chair limited time $251.00reg. $279.00
kaishi chairSwatch images Newkaishi chair$599.00
germain chairgermain chair limited time $135.00reg. $159.00
belmont chairbelmont chair$219.00reg. $249.00
vexx chairSwatch images vexx chair$249.00
hemstad chrome chairhemstad chrome chair$199.00reg. $249.00
roya grey chairSwatch images roya grey chair$199.00
austin chairSwatch images austin chair$249.00
charlie chairSwatch images charlie chair$149.00
stick around black side chairstick around black side chairlimited time $220.00reg. $299.00
stick around white side chairstick around white side chairlimited time $254.00reg. $299.00
industry chairindustry chair$129.00reg. $199.00
reed chairreed chair$169.00
court bar stoolsNewcourt bar stools$329.00 - $349.00
flint shiny silver stoolsNewflint shiny silver stools$159.00 - $179.00
alpha brass bar stoolsNewalpha brass bar stools$199.00 - $219.00
makan mahogany bar stoolsNewmakan mahogany bar stools$199.00 - $219.00
vapor acrylic bar stoolsvapor acrylic bar stools$189.00 - $199.00
germain bar stoolsgermain bar stoolslimited time $169.00 - $186.00reg. $199.00 - $219.00
mack leather bar stoolsmack leather bar stools$299.00 - $329.00
rake brass bar stoolsrake brass bar stools$399.00 - $429.00
wrap bar stoolswrap bar stools$259.00 - $269.00
wainscott bar stoolswainscott bar stools$279.00 - $289.00
flint gold bar stoolsNewflint gold bar stools$179.00 - $199.00
charlie bar stoolscharlie bar stools$179.00 - $189.00
reverb bar stoolsreverb bar stools$269.00 - $279.00
phoenix ivory bar stoolsphoenix ivory bar stools$149.00 - $159.00
phoenix carbon bar stoolsphoenix carbon bar stools$149.00 - $159.00
flint steel bar stoolsNewflint steel bar stools$109.00 - $129.00
hide black stoolhide black stool limited time $211.00reg. $249.00
peacock chairNewpeacock chair$289.00
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