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smart seating. A CB2 sofa or chair or ottoman or bench or bed has to not only look great, it's got to have smarts built in. This isn't just about decorating. And while we represent good value, it's not about cheap, improvisational stuff. It's about working in any space, however challenged, for the long haul -- day in and day out.

buckle your seat belt. Because you could be taken for a ride. Kick the tires on a sofa and see what you're really getting into. At CB2 our frames are constructed from kiln-dried hardwood. We insist on this for two reasons. One, only hardwood has the durability and weight necessary for long-term satisfaction with your purchase. And two, kiln drying reduces undesirable movement and eliminates warping. Key joints are also doubly reinforced for rigidity and long-term stability.

one-on-one. Our upholstered pieces are designed uniquely for CB2. And they're benchmade start to finish by craftsmen, not an assembly line. Every arm, seam and tack.

cover story. Sure we all want the piece that catches our eye. But do a little undercover work. Get between the seams and learn the construction details. Check out the spring systems. Different suspensions are used depending on the style, size, and function of the piece. Ask about padding and cushion-fill. We incorporate layers of padding on our frames to add desired shape, required comfort, and to minimize fabric wear and tear.

tlc. Our furniture is made for looking good and living well. With minimal but regular care, our upholstered pieces should be right at home in yours for the long haul.

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