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Upgrade your living room style with our modern accent and armchairs. From mid-century to euro-styles, our contemporary chairs sit beautifully around the coffee table or in the corner for lounging. Our dining room styles range from clean and modern designs to vintage-inspired pieces with a contemporary twist.


bordeaux chairNewbordeaux chair$699.00
walkway chairSwatch images Newwalkway chair$399.00
kaishi chairSwatch images Newkaishi chair$599.00
kihon indigo chairSwatch images Newkihon indigo chair$899.00
kihon earth chairSwatch images Newkihon earth chair$899.00
roya grey chairSwatch images roya grey chair$199.00
hemstad chrome chairhemstad chrome chair$199.00reg. $249.00
vexx chairSwatch images vexx chair$249.00
belmont chairbelmont chair$219.00reg. $249.00
parlour chairSwatch images+61 moreparlour chair$849.00 - $1,149.00
avec chairSwatch images+60 moreavec chair$899.00 - $1,199.00
avec chair with brass legsSwatch images+60 moreavec chair with brass legs$949.00 - $1,199.00
The Hill-Side palm leaves parlour chairSwatch images+61 moreThe Hill-Side palm leaves parlour chair$849.00 - $1,149.00
club chairSwatch images+60 moreclub chair$849.00 - $1,149.00
club chairSwatch images+60 moreclub chair$849.00 - $1,149.00
club chairSwatch images+60 moreclub chair$849.00 - $1,149.00
parlour chairSwatch images+61 moreparlour chair$849.00 - $1,149.00
cielo II corner chairSwatch images+59 morecielo II corner chair$799.00 - $1,099.00
cielo II armless chairSwatch images+59 morecielo II armless chair$599.00 - $899.00
cielo II chaiseSwatch images+60 morecielo II chaise$799.00 - $1,399.00reg. $899.00 - $1,399.00
cielo II corner chaircielo II corner chair$499.00reg. $799.00
avec chairSwatch images+60 moreavec chair$899.00 - $1,199.00
parlour chairSwatch images+61 moreparlour chair$849.00 - $1,149.00
austin chairSwatch images austin chair$249.00
charlie chairSwatch images charlie chair$149.00
lotus natural armless chairlotus natural armless chair$599.00reg. $699.00
decker left arm chaiseSwatch images+60 moredecker left arm chaise$1,199.00 - $1,699.00
layne armless sectional chairSwatch images+60 morelayne armless sectional chair$649.00 - $899.00
layne corner sectional chairSwatch images+60 morelayne corner sectional chair$749.00 - $1,099.00
decker right arm chaiseSwatch images+60 moredecker right arm chaise$1,199.00 - $1,699.00
decker right arm chaiseSwatch images+60 moredecker right arm chaise$1,199.00 - $1,699.00
decker left arm chaiseSwatch images+60 moredecker left arm chaise$1,199.00 - $1,699.00
reed chairreed chair$169.00
coup teal office chaircoup teal office chair$279.00reg. $329.00
elba armless chairelba armless chairlimited time $499.00reg. $599.00
elba corner chairelba corner chairlimited time $629.00reg. $699.00
ebb armless chairebb armless chairlimited time $299.00reg. $379.00
ebb corner chairebb corner chairlimited time $399.00reg. $479.00
casbah armless chaircasbah armless chairlimited time $299.00reg. $349.00
casbah corner chaircasbah corner chairlimited time $379.00reg. $449.00
caprice outdoor chaise lounge chairNewcaprice outdoor chaise lounge chairlimited time $479.00reg. $529.00
filaki lounger with black and white stripe cushionfilaki lounger with black and white stripe...limited time $649.00reg. $719.00
filaki lounger with natural cushionfilaki lounger with natural cushionlimited time $629.00reg. $699.00
idle black outdoor chaise loungeidle black outdoor chaise loungelimited time $269.00reg. $299.00
idle grey outdoor chaise loungeidle grey outdoor chaise loungelimited time $269.00reg. $299.00
yellow leaf blue-red hammockNewyellow leaf blue-red hammocklimited time $199.00reg. $229.00
yellow leaf blue-red hammock with strapsNewyellow leaf blue-red hammock with strapslimited time $234.00reg. $264.00
pod hanging chair with cushionpod hanging chair with cushionlimited time $648.95reg. $758.95
pod hanging chairpod hanging chairlimited time $599.00reg. $699.00
pod hanging chair cushionpod hanging chair cushionlimited time $49.95reg. $59.95
breton black metal chairNewbreton black metal chairlimited time $379.00reg. $449.00
maya wood outdoor chairNewmaya wood outdoor chair limited time $349.00reg. $399.00
gala gold lounge chairNewgala gold lounge chairlimited time $419.00reg. $499.00
acapulco aqua-red egg outdoor chairNewacapulco aqua-red egg outdoor chairlimited time $249.00reg. $279.00
acapulco black egg outdoor chairNewacapulco black egg outdoor chairlimited time $249.00reg. $279.00
ixtapa white lounge chairNewixtapa white lounge chairlimited time $239.00reg. $249.00
ixtapa blue lounge chairNewixtapa blue lounge chairlimited time $239.00reg. $249.00
brava dining-lounge grey wicker chairNewbrava dining-lounge grey wicker chairlimited time $279.00reg. $299.00
rex blue chairNewrex blue chairlimited time $59.95reg. $69.95
rex open weave chairNewrex open weave chairlimited time $59.95reg. $69.95
gina grey armchairNewgina grey armchairlimited time $99.95reg. $129.00
midas gold dining chairNewmidas gold dining chairlimited time $279.00reg. $299.00
swoop black outdoor chair with cushionNewswoop black outdoor chair with cushionlimited time $259.00reg. $304.00
swoop black outdoor chairNewswoop black outdoor chairlimited time $229.00reg. $269.00
swoop chair cushionNewswoop chair cushionlimited time $30.00reg. $35.00
peacock chair with cushionNewpeacock chair with cushionlimited time $279.00reg. $324.00
peacock chairNewpeacock chairlimited time $249.00reg. $289.00
peacock chair cushionNewpeacock chair cushionlimited time $30.00reg. $35.00
alexandria metal gold chair with natural cushionNewalexandria metal gold chair with natural...limited time $319.00reg. $354.00
alexandria metal gold chairNewalexandria metal gold chairlimited time $289.00reg. $319.00
alexandria natural chair cushionNewalexandria natural chair cushionlimited time $30.00reg. $35.00
camilla dining-lounge white wicker chair with grey cushionNewcamilla dining-lounge white wicker chair...limited time $244.00reg. $309.00
camilla dining-lounge chaircamilla dining-lounge chairlimited time $219.00reg. $279.00
camilla dining-lounge grey chair cushionNewcamilla dining-lounge grey chair cushionlimited time $25.00reg. $30.00
elysse chair with natural cushionNewelysse chair with natural cushionlimited time $579.00reg. $684.00
elysse chairNewelysse chairlimited time $549.00reg. $649.00
elysse natural chair cushionNewelysse natural chair cushionlimited time $30.00reg. $35.00
valalta rocking chair with cushionNewvalalta rocking chair with cushionlimited time $384.00reg. $439.00
valalta rocking chairvalalta rocking chairlimited time $349.00reg. $399.00
valalta rocking chair cushionNewvalalta rocking chair cushionlimited time $35.00reg. $40.00
artemis dining chairartemis dining chairlimited time $129.00reg. $199.00
sophia black dining chairsophia black dining chairlimited time $84.95reg. $99.95
gina armchairgina armchairlimited time $99.95reg. $129.00
lucinda black stacking chairlucinda black stacking chairlimited time $69.95reg. $79.95
lucinda mint stacking chairlucinda mint stacking chairlimited time $69.95reg. $79.95
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