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Registering your Gift Card can give you peace of mind because it protects the value of your card if it's ever lost or stolen.


Important Customer Notice
We can only guarantee the authenticity of CB2 Canada gift cards and shopping cards if they are purchased or issued through a CB2 store in Canada or by calling (00+1) 630.388.4555. CB2 gift cards and shopping cards purchased through online auction and classifieds sites may be counterfeit or have a zero dollar balance and can be canceled at any time if determined to be fraudulent.

Terms and Conditions
CB2 Canada gift cards and shopping cards are redeemable for merchandise or services only at a CB2 store in Canada. Purchases will be deducted from each card's balance until the value reaches zero dollars. Cards will be considered void if bartered or sold. Cardholders may check their balances at CB2.com or (00+1) 630.388.4555. For your security, only registered cards will be replaced if they are lost, stolen or destroyed. To replace a registered card, call (00+1) 630.388.4555. We will freeze the remaining balance at that time and mail a replacement.

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