Wood 6-Pack Holder

November 4, 2015

How a small Pittsburgh company crafts this DIY plywood kit perfect for the holiday season.

making wood beer holder

Holiday six-packs are hard to come by. But thanks to a pair of Pittsburgh beer lovers, Nick Thompson and Gio Attisano, you can create your own with very little effort. Their company PuzzlePax makes a fun and functional wood carrier that’s a great gift on its own—or even better when filled with your favorite brews.

Originally designed by Thompson as a gift for his father-in-law, Attisano joined in and the two haven’t looked back. They work out of TechShop, a collective workshop that President Obama visited earlier this year. “We made a custom POTUS version but who knows if he got,” Thompson says. The duo laser-cut each carrier out of plywood before assembling the pieces into a kit. At this point they’ve made over 5000 kits, “although the truth is nobody is keeping count,” Thompson admits. The pieces fit together like a puzzle to tote six bottles or cans, and a built-in bottle opener pops right out of the case to crack open a cold one.

beer holder cutouts

Here’s the step-by-step process of how each one is made:

  1. Thompson and Attisano inspect and purchase sheets of plywood from their local Home Depot so that the wood meets their demanding standards.
  2. Using a panel saw, they cut the big sheet into 24″ pieces.
  3. A laser cutter engraves the wood, giving it an authentic burnished edge.
  4. They stack the pieces, tie them together with a cake box tying machine, then package them to be shipped to customers.
beer holder cutouts
beer holder cutouts
packaging beer holders

PuzzlePax also sponsors puzzle pack building races, during which 10 people sit around a table with a 6-pack in front of them to be assembled. The first one built wins. “Parts go flying, people love it. And the record time is 1 minute, 42 seconds,” says Thompson. Thanks to CB2, their biggest order ever, Thompson and Attisano have hired their first employee to help with wrapping, and Thompson planted a tree in his backyard to replenish the wood they’ve used thus far. We expect this design to carry its weight and then some for a long time to come.

wood beer holder with opener

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