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September 9, 2015

How one woman creatively put a pair of sleek cabinets to use in her bedroom.

Liz Friedman is no stranger to CB2. The New York-based jewelry designer frequently turns our merchandise into head-turning accessories. First there was the textured yellow rug she cut up and wore as a cowl neck scarf, then the cheese cutter she turned into a necklace.
So when it came time to furnish her new studio in midtown Manhattan, Friedman approached the decorating process with her same distinct point of view. “I’d sold my big apartment and was moving into a studio apartment,” she said. “I’d been a lifetime collector of antiques but I was ready for a change.” A fan of our white, lacquered pieces, she hit a local store with her decorator in tow. As soon as she spotted the SAIC cache storage cabinets, Friedman imagined a pair of them on either side of her bed. Finding out that they were designed for kitchens, offices, and libraries rather than bedrooms didn’t change her mind one bit. “They couldn’t be more perfect!

Designed by School of the Art Institute student Chester Ong, these cabinets neatly roll on casters into tight spaces and hold three shelves worth of stuff. Friedman stores her earrings in the top drawer, sunglasses in the middle drawer, and slippers in the bottom drawer. “Everyone who sees them loves them. They’re such a conversation piece.”

Have a tight space that it feels like no furniture will fit in? Consider one of these pieces—designed by an art student—as a solution to the problem:

SAIC tonic bar cart
SAIC deep dish table
and set of 2 cushions