The Joyful Opulence of Travis London’s Home and Studio

The space is an explosion of color and personality that could only be found in Miami

Travis London Miami Home Tour | CB2 Style Files
Something wonderful has been happening in the world of style: an increasingly large number of people find themselves unencumbered by the need (or even desire) to follow trends. In fact, trends as we used to know them, dictated from some all-knowing arbiter of taste, are quickly becoming a thing of the past. We’re witnessing the democratization of personal style before our very eyes—and it’s finally becoming truly personal. So why shouldn’t this extend to the home?

There may be no one who better exemplifies just how personal style can be than Studio London Co. founder Travis London. Bicoastal by way of Los Angeles and Miami, the chef-turned-interior designer’s Florida home/studio/showhouse is an explosion of color and personality. Recently featured in Architectural Digest, London’s space oozes the sort of vibrant opulence that can only be brought on by heady Miami heat and neon lights. It’s not surprising London is the sort of person who’d reference Gianni Versace’s Lake Como villa in his teenage bedroom.

Making things beautiful is all I know.

“I was born a designer. Making things beautiful is all I know,” London says. He closed a successful catering company in 2015 and moved to Europe—Paris and then Milan—in pursuit of design. That European point of view is evident in London’s work, from an eye for detail to extravagant flourishes that call to mind those you might find in Baroque and Rococo architecture. Combine it with a joyful spirit and unabashed love of color, and you’ve got a recipe for a signature Travis London look.

Travis London Miami Home Tour | CB2 Style Files
Travis London Miami Home Tour | CB2 Style Files

A life without color is a life without love.

Travis London Miami Home Tour | CB2 Style Files
Color is a key theme and inspiration for London—so much so that he’s launching his own paint collection with an assortment of curated shades. “For me, there is no life without color. A life without color is a life without love,” he says. Color is something he encourages his clients to embrace, too, even if it pushes them outside their comfort zones.

“People are scared of color, so with clients I ask them to look at color in their life, starting with their favorite art and colors they wear a lot in their wardrobe. What colors make them feel a certain way?” says London. “If a red dress makes you feel sexy, then red should definitely be used in your bedroom, where you want to be sexy and feel sexy.”

Though color is an important variable in London’s signature style equation, it’s far from the only one. Customization is also key, putting a personal stamp on things to make them more luxurious. “I love to buy an affordable piece and then reupholster it to make it more luxurious and personal,” London says. Reupholstering readily available pieces is also a much more approachable and affordable tactic for most people than, say, going the completely custom route, and it allows you to really determine the overall feel and personality of a space.

Travis London Miami Home Tour | CB2 Style Files
Travis London Miami Home Tour | CB2 Style Files
Travis London Miami Home Tour | CB2 Style Files
“In design, you must understand that spaces are energy,” London says. “It’s all [about] your perspective on the world and how you want to live. Don’t be afraid to live in color—and remember, your home should always be the most glamorous version of yourself.” If anything, the past year has reinforced just how much our homes impact our mental states, making design all the more important.

Don’t be afraid to live in color—and remember, your home should always be the most glamorous version of yourself.

For London, it’s a workspace, a creative studio, a safe zone and a source of joy, all in one space. His Miami home also happens to serve as his office and an ever-evolving showhouse for prospective clients. The office has a separate entrance from London’s main living quarters to maintain some semblance of work-life balance. “It’s great to have a space that is separate from my home that I can be creative in, but I use my home as my showhouse,” London explains. “My favorite project will always and forever be my home because it is the most intimate and personal of them all.”

Quick Fire

  • Work in silence or with background noise: Silence
  • Soundtrack of your life: Coldplay, “Yellow”
  • Cocktail order: Spicy margarita on the rocks, salted rim with a double shot of tequila
  • Guilty pleasure: Real Housewives
  • Style icons: Donatella Versace
  • Favorite designer: Donatella Versace
  • You’ll never get sick of: Color
  • Your current state of mind: Hopeful
  • Favorite place to travel: Home
  • Where you’d most like to live: Paris (again)
  • On your nightstand: Fabergé eggs
  • Your greatest extravagance: My dogs
  • Talent you’d most like to have: To draw
  • Most overused word or phrase: Unexpected
  • Tea or coffee: Tea
  • City or country: Depends
  • Vintage or new: Vintage

Images courtesy Venjhamin Reyes

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