Spring Wardrobe Update

February 23, 2017

Trunk Club shares three things your closet needs, stat.

This season’s eclectic items have us jazzed for spring—and wondering if our wardrobes are ready. To get some advice on how to dress for the season ahead (which always seems harder than it should be) we chatted with our friends at the Nordstrom-owned personal styling service, Trunk Club. With expert stylists who specialize in outfitting both men and women, we knew they’d have some quick and easy tips on how to refresh our look. Here are the three essential items they recommend adding to our wardrobe, paired with three of our freshest cb2 products.

Lightweight outerwear:
With spring being so unpredictable, having a go-to lightweight jacket to toss on is crucial. For women, something like a fatigue jacket can be worn with a flirty dress just as easily as it can be paired with jeans. For guys, we’re always big fans of a not-too-bulky down vest.

Like the finishing touch of an outfit, a cool vase completes a table setting with effortless style. The fields brass vase features a hand-applied texture that tapers to the base in crisp green.

Light denim:
While dark denim is a year-round staple, spring is the perfect time to start working some lighter pairs into your rotation. Lighter options are also a bit more casual than dark (making them perfect for the weekend), but don’t hesitate to take yours up a notch by pairing with a navy blazer—the contrast never fails.

One of the many reasons we love denim: it goes with anything. So does our press indigo rug, which features hand-drawn blue shapes that fade into a natural background with fun navy fringe.

The easiest way to freshen up any outfit is by swapping out your shoes. Now’s the time to ditch the winter boots and put some pep in your step. And with the Athleisure craze in full swing, wearing sneakers outside of the gym is not only extra comfortable, it’s extra cool. Same goes for guys, especially with a clean and classic pair.

Nothing kicks off the season like a fresh pair of white sneakers. Give them a clean place to rest at night with our oberlin small white entry bench.

Thinking about refreshing your wardrobe? You can enter for a chance to win a $1000 Trunk Club gift card and a $1500 CB2 gift card, here.

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