Soma Water Pitcher

February 10, 2017

How one company pours its profits into the global clean water crisis.

It’s safe to say that Soma is a glass-half-full kind of company. Back in 2012, founder Mike Del Ponte took one look at the water filtration world and determined it was all dried up. And so the Soma water filter was born, combining simple, sustainable design with a charitable mission to bring clean drinking water to the world.

Although the San Francisco-based business now offers a range of modern products, we’re particularly fond of their latest and greatest: the CB2 exclusive soma black water pitcher. We love that it’s beautiful to look at, but even more so that it helps bring clean water to people in developing countries through a partnership with charity: water. In addition to donating a percentage of product sales to water projects, Soma matches employee donations and donates when someone new joins the company or has a work anniversary. Their employees even do birthday fundraisers that have raised well over $25,000 in just over a year.

So what goes into the production of a pitcher? Here we break it down for you, one sustainably-made part at a time:

1. Plant-based water filter:
It’s the only plant-based filter on the market. Each one has a casing made from sugar cane instead of petroleum-based plastics and also uses coconuts that would have otherwise gone into landfills.

2. White oak wood handle:
They spent a year researching and vetting wood species and vendors before selecting white oak grown in the United States known for being beautiful and durable. Due to natural variations in color and grain, every handle is unique and treated with mineral oil to protect and maintain its beauty.

3. BPA-free pitcher:
Made of durable tritan plastic, the pitcher looks like glass, but has the benefit of being lightweight and shatterproof.

4. Efficient filling and pouring system:
The inlet door on the pitcher lid opens with the contact of incoming water so the lid doesn’t need to be removed for filling. Additionally, the pitcher has a pointed outlet door which makes for a more precise pour, whether you’re filling a typical glass or a water bottle with a small opening.

5. Sustainable packaging, printing and shipment:
They use FSC-certified packaging and printing partners who use the most eco-friendly materials. Soma also streamlined their shipping process by selecting eco-minded companies and sourcing materials from as few places as possible.

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