pod hanging chair

April 9, 2015

The formative process of making a single sheltering seat

Our cozy, sheltering chair is not only a statement piece, it’s the perfect sanctuary—no matter where you hang it.

So how is it made? In a time-intensive process that takes two artisans seven days to complete. Welders form aluminum tubes, which are grounded for a smooth, clean look and inspected for strength, into an oval shape. Then they clean the frames in preparation for a powder-coating process where an off-white paint is baked onto the tubing for durability.

Next, artisans tightly hand-weave off-white recyclable resin or faux wicker—chosen for its durability and weather-resistant characteristics—onto the frame around the bottom two thirds of the frame. At each stage of the manufacturing process, measurements are taken to ensure consistency in size, spacing, as well as overall color.

Finally, the artisans weave resin strips horizontally along the seat’s upper section to create a trellis-like look, which allows light and air to flow through and keeps the chair’s overall weight under just 33 pounds.

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