Well Planted

Clever houseplant ideas that’ll make the heart grow fonder.

With spring in full bloom, we’ve got plants majorly on the brain—and apparently you do, too. We asked you to share how you’ve put our planters to use in your own home, plus any advice worth sharing with other green thumb enthusiasts. Here’s a round-up of your inspiring ideas (edited slightly for clarity), all of which leaf a great impression.

“Since the bennie low vase planter doesn’t have a drainage hole, what I found what worked best was to get a smaller plant and not repot it. That way I can just pluck that baby out of there to water it and place it back in. I also wanted to get a brighter green plant that would contrast with the white.”

“We like to create visual interest by varying textures and seeing how they play off each other. So we love how the havana vase and bennie low vase planter work with the spiky green succulent, gray vertical siding, warm wood credenza and the pop of color from a turquoise vase.”

“I had my eye on the basic small planter for a while before I found a place for it in my Minneapolis apartment. It’s the perfect size to take up shelf space but not overwhelm my decor. The dark stone pairs beautifully with my gold “OK” vase, while also bringing (literal!) life to the top of my bookcase by housing my snake plant. It’s versatility indoors makes it a smart decorating choice, and I also use it in photos for my social media consulting and blog clients because it adds depth and dimension to images.”

“I got the inspiration from one of your emails…and it was perfect!! I’d been looking [for a planter] ever since I purchased my home and the isla white planter encompasses the texture and high-end look I was searching for.”

“This is our second basic small planter, and we love how it seamlessly fits into any decor but still makes a subtle statement. This is our first jade plant! Scott has wanted a jade since the moment we moved into this home. It took us 3 years and the perfect pot plus vintage plant stand, but we got there!”

“I love showcasing them as a group: bennie low vase planter, tread vase, eva vase and isadore small white vase. I like contrasting textures, heights, and shapes, but a common thread of complimentary or contrasting colors. I chose to use succulents for the office environment so if I neglect them during busy times, they’ll survive. And I used river stones to help with soil drainage.”

“I’ve found that cacti do better in smaller pots which dry out faster and provide an ideal environment. The chunky white block planter was rather large for this cacti, so I added large rocks on the bottom to give it some height. I loved the result in having a small cacti in an intricate, large pot, with colors (vibrant green and white thistles) that complimented the pot’s shape and color. Because of the size of the plant, I could get away with resting the pot on our coffee table (sunniest spot in the house) without it overwhelming the space.”

“I live in a studio where space is limited. I wanted to take advantage of the ceiling space and hang vintage chandeliers and plants. When I saw the CB2 plant hanger, I was SO excited to get it because it fit with my apt’s bohemian glam theme. It’s one of my favorite home decor accessories in my apartment–it saves space and is stylish!”
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