Pet-Friendly Living

July 14, 2016

How to share a home with furry creatures without sacrificing your modern style.

If you can’t tell, we’re big animal lovers. We’re pet owners, animal shelter enthusiasts, and we love to feature them in our catalogs and on our blog. In our most recent catalog, we spotlighted Max (bottom left) and and his brother Bill. Max, a 13-year-old Terrier mix adopted from Making a Difference Rescue, has been a foster brother to 14 dogs from various Chicago area rescues. Bill is an 11-year-old Chihuahua Yorkie mix saved by Bow Wow Revolution. Both seniors, Max and Bill work to raise awareness of other senior dogs who are in need of homes through Bill’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

The way we see it, a happy home can be comfortable and pet-friendly, as well as modern and stylish. The secret lies in selecting the right materials and fabrics for your family and lifestyle. Before you buy anything, be sure to read the label regarding care. You should vacuum and rotate sofa cushions weekly or bi-monthly depending on how much your pet sheds. We recommend using the pet hair attachment or a rubber bristle brush for really stuck-on hair, and a pill shaver can also make upholstered furniture look new again without compromising the integrity of the fabric.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces that can live well in homes with pets. Go the extra mile to take care of them, and they’ll look great for years to come.

Does Fido or Fluffy love to hop up on your coffee table? The shroom coffee table is as solid as a rock (it’s handcrafted from stone and concrete composite). Keep the finish looking fantastic by polishing it with beeswax.

Floor cushions work great for part-time pet perches. The Hill-side disintegrated floral print floor cushion has a removable cover, but it’s rug-like consistency means vacuuming is really the best way to remove pet hair.

An outdoor rug, like our diamond days reversible outdoor rug, makes cleaning up messes a breeze. Made from lightweight recycled polypropylene, it shakes off and hoses clean, and even comes with a storage bag for easy transport to the beach, a picnic or a campsite.

Pay homage to your pup with a dog pillow made for dog lovers. When it gets dirty or covered in hair, simply remove the cotton cover and pop it in the washing machine.

It’s important to be strategic when it comes to sofas shared by pets. Our lotus 3-piece grey sectional sofa is a winner because it’s covered in a durable poly fabric that can be removed and taken to a professional cleaner. The “L” shape configuration also offers more space for pets who love to lounge with you.

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