Meet our Mexican Mascot

April 20, 2017

Why our latest photo shoot was the cat’s meow.

By now you know about our love for Tulum, the exotic Mexican backdrop for our outdoor collection photo shoot. But you might’ve missed the real star of the shoot: a furry little feline we affectionately named Pedro. We met our little cat mascot while shooting at the Tiki Tiki Hotel, and he had a collar but no name tag. “He’d come by to check on us every day and then hang out at a night for a ‘meowgarita,’” says creative director Curis Potter. “Everyone fell in love with him because he was just the most chill, friendly little guy.” Our staffers couldn’t help snapping photos of Pedro lapping up the constant attention. Since Pedro was such a good sport (and since we’re fond of using animals in photo shoots), we decided to feature him in some catalog shots as well as a short video. As you can tell, he was the purfect model.