New Year, New Logo

January 1, 2016

Take a peek at the design process that led to our sleek, new look.

In the 15 years since we were founded, a whole lot has happened. We’ve grown into our own brand, with our own voice and a relatable, inclusive point of view. And we love that. But in the midst of our evolution, our visual identity had yet to catch up. Until now. We recently partnered with the brilliant designers at award-winning firm Mother to create a brand new logo, which we’re debuting to coincide with the new year.

Our year-long design process was so in-depth and interesting that we’re sharing some of it with you below. It involved tons of information gathering, hundreds of versions to review, and mock-ups of the versions on catalogs, store signs, and shopping bags and tags. As you’ll see, the final logo we picked is less clunky and dated, and more modern and refined. It’s a 2016 version of us, and we couldn’t be more proud.

To start the process, Mother gathered images of our original logo as it appeared on paper, store signs, and online. They analyzed the logo, creating a list of pros and cons. The pros for the logo were its legibility, boldness, and that it’s easily recognizable. The cons were that it was perceived as juvenile and perhaps too bold.

So we asked Mother to explore a variety of logo ideas ranging from a slight update of the old logo to a whole new look and feel. They created dozens of examples which we filtered down in phases.

We determined that a whole new look would be too risky and may alienate some customers. We also felt that we should keep some aspect of orange in our logo since it’s become such an integral part of our brand.

So with our favorite selection in mind, Mother removed the orange background circles, streamlined the “C,” “B” and “2,” and placed them inside a thin orange box.

Finally, Mother showed us how our new logo would look out in the world. We love its simplicity and how it reflects our growth and individuality. We sure hope you like it too!

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