manuel saez

July 19, 2011

“Anything looks good in white—spaces and objects—with white you can hide or highlight.”

Where was your favorite place to live?
Brooklyn. It is a true multi-cultural experience. It has the small friendly neighborhood feeling and quick access to Manhattan and all the good things new York can offer.

What’s your favorite room in your home?
The kitchen. Big and practical!

What are your sources of inspiration?
Everyday things. Sculpture, art, science shows, nature… Depends… Yesterday I found a chewed up dog stick at the park and I am going to do a sculpture with it.

What one item do you wish you owned?
Phillip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan.

What are your interests outside of design?
Sports—I play rugby and squash. Also like motorcycles and bicycles.

Who are you design icons?
In terms of product the Eames aluminum series. As far as designers I like Phillip Stark, always criticized but he knows how to control what people feel…

Form vs. function?
Yes! The true is balance between them, in the context the design will be used.

In your opinion, what is the best designed item of all time?
The screw! No big task can be accomplished without it being involved at some point.

Your personal decorating style is _____?
Minimalist. However I also like my girlfriend’s style. She is an interior designer that uses textures and earthy tones to create a feeling of cozy comfort.

What’s your favorite element/possession?
A vintage long, black leather coat I bought on the street in Malaga Spain.

What was/is your biggest indulgence?
Good food and great company. I love to cook and entertain friends.

Do you have one low budget decorating tip?
White paint! Anything looks good in white spaces and objects…with white you can hide or highlight.

What’s the best career advice you ever received? Ever gave?
Received: You need to exercise some restraint!!!—Niels Diffrient
Gave: Do what you love and be patient.

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