how to: live in small spaces

August 3, 2012

Ten tips for getting the most out of the least square footage.

Bigger isn’t always better. A small living space can be cozy and charming—not to mention much easier to keep clean. In order to capitalize on every square foot, it’s important to be flexible and creative with floor plans and furniture. Here are ten ways to make even the tightest quarters feel nice and roomy.

  1. Ask yourself what are the basics needed to keep you comfortable, functional, and safe—then wonder and research ways to make it work for you.
  2. Keep it simple and edit down to the essentials.
  3. When you have minimal floor space, go up! Loft a space if possible, stack hive or other storage units when not.
  4. Let the light shine in for an airy, open, free mood. And, if privacy allows, skip the curtains.
  5. Choose furniture for maximum function in a minimum amount of space. Our alpine bed with a nightstand/shelf integrated into the headboard is a perfect example.
  6. When any storage is better than none, a narrow wall-mounted hyde storage unit in ‘dead’ space is sheer genius. Bonus: it also keeps countertops free of clutter.
  7. Multi-use furniture, like the peekaboo console, can be used as a desk, an entryway landing pad, or a buffet when entertaining.
  8. Look for glass-top tables or acrylic pieces to reduce visual clutter, like our yield coffee table or the wall mounted format cube.
  9. The torino grey side table not only fits into extra-small spaces, but the storage drawer adds even more square footage!
  10. Furniture on wheels makes it easier to rearrange small spaces for any event.