Major/minor home updates with Alvin Wayne

The NYC-based designer helps us bring that fresh energy home

Major/minor home updates with Alvin Wayne and CB2
Major/minor home updates with Alvin Wayne and CB2
“Literally out with the old and in with the new because 2020 was crazy!” says interior designer Alvin Wayne, and we couldn’t agree more. Look, logically we understand that switching the calendar from December 2020 to January 2021 isn’t going to magically change anything, but it sure feels like a fresh start and that’s definitely what we’re all craving right now.

So we tapped Wayne, who helped us cozy-fy our bedrooms a couple of months ago, for his tips on how to refresh your space and your energy for a new year. It could be a major update, in terms of either budget or project scope, or a minor one that’s a bit quicker to pull off. So whether you’ve got an hour or a weekend, we’ve got you covered.

“I’m definitely approaching the new year with a fresh perspective on life and design in general,” Wayne says of his 2021 mood. “My design resolution is to continue to push myself design-wise and think beyond the latest trends. I’m also committing to taking at least one day a week to myself, no design work, no social media.”

Wayne focused on three key areas for a refresh in his own home: an awkward hallway, a double-duty console table and the living room. But first, before you get all excited about impending home updates, Wayne recommends cleansing your space. “An easy way to bring in fresh energy is to first clean and sage your home,” he explains. “Then think about what updates you can make to transition from winter to spring. What can you put away and how can you start fresh? Update pillows, get rid of heavy throws, maybe a new candle scent? There’s something for every budget.”

I’m approaching the new year with a fresh perspective on life and design in general. Out with the old and in with the new.

Major/minor home updates with Alvin Wayne and CB2


Pretty much everyone has that space in their home that’s tricky to style, whether it’s an odd corner or neglected nook. That was the case with Wayne’s hallway, previously a “truly forgotten-about area” in his home. Here, he transforms it with wallpaper and a statement mirror, which reflects the view of the city from the kitchen. A cactus and a Jennifer Fisher marble sphere make it a full moment, “perfect for selfies or that last look before you leave the house,” Wayne explains.

“Be creative with these little moments and little nooks,” Wayne continues. “That’s where you can have the most fun. If it turns out a mess, that’s okay—it’s a small area so you can just start over. Sometimes, taking the biggest risk in the smallest space gives you the greatest reward.”


Wayne’s apartment features an open-concept living room that’s clearly the center of the home. So, home updates here can have a big impact. Wayne added two Stature Chairs to the space, an easy update that feels major thanks to the bold design and chic black boucle. “They’re low enough to complement the city view, but the shape and material make a statement.”

You don’t need to splurge on entirely new pieces of furniture to bring in that fresh energy, though. “A great example of how to change the look of any space is with pillows and accessories,” says Wayne. “I switched out the pillows and added a vase on the coffee table. Those small swaps can make a big difference.”

Major/minor home updates with Alvin Wayne and CB2


Introducing the Austin Live Edge Console Table to the bedroom was a major update in and of itself. “It functions as my work area and I use it as a desk, but because it is a console, it also serves double-duty. For example, I’ve used it as a bar for Friendsgiving,” Wayne says.

The trick to taking a console from day to night? It’s not difficult: “Honestly, just remove the laptop. Take away the laptop and take away the chair, and now you’ve got another surface to use for whatever you want.” Yep, it really is that simple. Just style your console for everyday use, and during business hours, pull up a chair and throw your laptop down and get to work. If you use the console as a bar, you’ll have the added bonus of spirits and tools within easy reach for what Wayne calls a “sip and type” (which might be our new favorite thing).

Major/minor home updates with Alvin Wayne and CB2
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