Haunted Halloween Planters

October 20, 2015

Spook guests with a devilishly easy display on your front porch.

Photo by Carolina Mariana

Did Halloween creep up on you, too? Whether you’re tight on time or saving for the holidays ahead, this simple three-step planter idea will put your house in the Halloween spirit wicked fast. You’ll need a pair of our blox galvanized matte black planters, one large and one medium (feel free to grab more if you have a bigger porch to fill). Gather enough scary decorations to cover both planters, opting for similar colors–off-white, black, gray, even purple—for a chic look. After Halloween, simply store your decor for next year and bring the planters indoors to hold your favorite indoor plants.

Photo by Carolina Mariana


Pour dirt or mulch into the planters until they’re full.


Position your favorite spooky decorations from your local Halloween store—hands, skulls, tombstones, spiders, rats—in the dirt. Plant some dark foliage if the mood strikes.


Tie the whole thing together with fake barbed wire and a funkin (a fake pumpkin that’ll last for years to come).

Photo by Carolina Mariana

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