A Matter of Perspective

July 4, 2016

How to take a multi-faceted approach with one of our favorite mirrors.

You can count on most mirrors to get the job done in the reflection department. But our perspective mirror is even more than it’s cracked up to be. Not only is a single 24.25” square mirror segmented into mini mirrors that manipulate reflection and alter depth of field. But combine several squares together, and you’ve got what looks like an art installation in your home. Here are five DIY mirror arrangements in different rooms. Now show us what you come up with using #mycb2!

Six mirrors add up to a serious style when surrounded by a custom-made, vintage-inspired gold frame.

In a small living space, X marks the spot in the form of five square mirrors turned 45 degrees.

A vertical row of mirrors bounce light around a dark gray-blue dining room/office.

When placed behind a bar, a square of mirrors catch your eye but won’t distract you from your drink.

Positioned above a dark gray mantel in the dining room, four mirrors serve as the room’s focal point.

CATEGORIES: design lab