bubble wreath

October 14, 2010

How to create an easy installation with a clear point of view.

In our latest catalog, our creative stylists used clear glass bubble balls to create modern wall art in the form of a wreath. While ours was made to appear permanently installed in the room, these instructions allow for temporary or Holiday decorating.


  1. space on a wall that can be nailed, or a flat MDF board sized appropriately
  2. pencil and string
  3. 3” nails and a hammer
  4. bubble balls—a mixture of 4” and 6” sizes
  5. optional for the MDF: paint as desired and hanging hardware

hint: always contact your local hardware store for advice on which hanging hardware is appropriate for your wall art and walls.


  1. Measure to find the center of the wall area—or MDF board—intended to display the wreath. Connect that point to a pencil and draw a perfect circle.
  2. Roughly following the circle, positioning nails slightly inside and outside the circle, hammer in nails at least 1/2”.
  3. Check position by temporarily placing a few bubble balls on the nails for a visual.
  4. Complete nailing and place bubble balls as desired—starting with large ones first and fill in with smaller ones.

hint hint: if installing temporarily, hang the board once all nails are secured—without the bubble balls for safety reasons—then add the bubble balls.