Want List

Want It, Love It or Need It?

One blogger breaks down her ultimate wish list.

In a world saturated with design choices, how do you ever actually pull the trigger? One trick we’ve found to be helpful is making a Want, Love or Need list. Do you just want that sofa because it’s incredible, love it more than any others you’ve seen, or truly need it in a deep, indescribable way? We challenged D.C.-based blogger Meg Biram, who recently moved into a new home, to create her ultimate needs and wants list. “CB2’s new products touch on so many home trends that I’m into right now,” she says. Here Meg shares her top picks in order of priority:

Want It

Matte Black
“From vases to light fixtures to shelving, I can’t get enough matte black in my life! Matte black works in every room in my home, even the bathrooms. I love how it contrasts with so many other colors.”

Pottery and Ceramics
“I have a soft spot for pottery and ceramics. I took ceramic and sculpting classes growing up and am so glad it’s had such a resurgence in decor in the past few years. I love ceramics with texture, and small ceramics are perfect for styling bookshelves. I want to put them all over my house.”

“It’s so retro chic but modern at the same time. Acrylic is also great for small spaces because it doesn’t take up much visual space and will keep a room feeling big and open.”

Love It

“Storage is always an issue when you live in a big city, so I’m always looking for furniture that can double as storage, like a credenza that’s both a TV stand and storage spot. I feel like credenzas used to get overlooked as high design pieces that were never affordable, but that’s not the case anymore.”

“You can always keep your bookshelves simple, but I like to add interesting objects and sculptures to mix them up. You never want your space to feel like anyone else’s, so personalize it with items you love.”

Need It

Light Fixtures
“Is it just me or did light fixtures all of the sudden become the centerpieces of spaces? They used to be the last thing I would pick out, but now they’re so important to me. The right lighting can change the entire vibe. In our new home all of the fixtures need an update, so I’m in the market—especially for one to replace the ceiling fan in my home office.”

“Simple mirrors are great, but I love an interesting mirror that’s as much a piece of art as it is a mirror. They’re great for reflecting light back into a dark space and making a small space feel bigger. Since my new home is small I need all the reflection I can get, I need to add mirrors in every room.”

Oversized Art
“Go big or go home. One big piece of art can make a huge statement—plus it’s much simpler than trying to hang a gallery wall! Find something you love and let it be the statement in your space. The main wall in our living room is currently empty except for a television, so I definitely need some oversized art to distract from the big black box.”

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