Bent Wood Sled

December 7, 2015

This curved winter design, handcrafted by German artisans, delivers a sense of nostalgia in modern form.

Deep in the heart of southern Germany’s Alpine foothills lies the headquarters of Sirch, an award-winning industrial design company founded 30 years ago. Step inside the company’s space-age production facility designed by Austrian architects Baumschlager & Eberle, and you’ll discover 50 or so artisans hard at work handcrafting wooden sleds like our bent wood sled, as well as children’s wooden toys, sporting goods, and furniture. And although the designs look distinctively modern, they’re made using centuries-old techniques that have been passed down for generations.

Founded by childhood friends Wolfgang Sirch (an interior architect) and Christoph Bitzer (a sculptor), Sirch is known for its commitment to tradition with a lense toward the future. Over the years, Sirch and Bitzer have won several prestigious prizes for their sleek, architectural designs. Their beautifully-made toys are the kind that are beautiful enough to leave out at all times, and won’t cost you a fortune to bring home.

To create the curved base of our bent wood sled, the artisans at Sirch steam and bend solid ash wood into a dramatic curve. This simple “horn sled” design keeps the focus on the natural beauty of the wood, accented only by a handwoven seat of navy webbing. And while this sled is meant for decorative purposes only, it brings the wintry outdoor activity indoors for the season. So no matter how you display it—topped with presents, decorations, or left empty—it will add holiday charm for generations to come.

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