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August 7, 2017

Our latest partnership is music to our ears.

Photography by Harrison Glazier

Getting the volume right on any given tv show is usually a constant seesaw with remote buttons. That is until Aftermaster Pro hit the market. The innovative device plugs directly into a television to stabilize and improve sound. We believe in it so much that we’re selling the product in our stores and using it to enhance sound at our After Hours Concert series.

To celebrate our role as the exclusive home retailer of Aftermaster Pro, we outfitted their Hollywood recording studio with furniture and accessories well-suited for musicians. Located inside Crossroads of the World—America’s first outdoor shopping mall—the iconic studio was built 40 years ago for Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills and Nash. “A lot of famous people have recorded here: Fleetwood Mac, Tupac, BB King. So there’s a lot of history in the walls that we needed to honor,” says Larry Ryckman, CEO of Aftermaster Pro. The goal was to maintain the space’s cool vibe while reimagining an aesthetic that makes musicians sound and feel better. From armless chairs to warm lighting, the following concepts create a harmonious space within any professional or home studio.

Photography by Harrison Glazier

1. Rugs:
Acoustics are the most important thing to consider, and beyond black soundproof walls, rugs also influence sound. “You don’t want rooms to feel too “live” or harsh,” says Larry, “so you want them to be warm without sucking up all of the sound.” Our beni neutral rug is soft, stylish and creates an inviting feel in the guitar room.

2. Seating:
Armless seats like our gybson chair give guitarists freedom to strum and lounge comfortably. Also the chairs should sit somewhat low but not too low, and be on the wider side. Musicians love to sit half on and half off seats. Our brava houndstooth sofa and agency chairs also work well for these reasons.

Photography by Harrison Glazier

3. Pillows:
Plush pillows like our xbase pillow make late-night recording sessions a little more comfortable and can piled up or removed depending on what’s going on and who’s there (brainstorming, recording, napping).

Photography by Harrison Glazier

4. Lighting:
Recording sessions can stretch long into the night, so it’s important to create a muted, low-lit environment where time seems to stand still. Lamps like our crane floor lamp and warner table lamp get the job done all day and night long.

Photography by Harrison Glazier

5. Plants:
Living things breathe fresh life into a place, but require too much upkeep for a space like this. Opt for potted faux plants like cacti that always look sharp but require zero attention.

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