about cb2

We are Modern Together, helping to make life brighter, more creative, more inviting.

We’re not here just to show you the things we make—we’re here to share ideas to help you be your most creative self. Whether you want to play with color and pattern, to add clever storage in your entry way, to wallpaper a focal point, or to furnish your space—small or large—with more function than you ever thought possible.

We are Modern Together, combining an elevated sense of style with more realistic prices.

Design should not be priced so that it can be admired only from a distance; it should be priced realistically so you can afford to bring it home and appreciate it up close. And the more things are affordable, the more you can experiment and be creative, which is what we’re all about. 

We are Modern Together, mixing in with your own personal finds.

We would never want to suggest that your place should look like a CB2 store. We’re here to live side-by-side with what you bring to the party, be it your grandparents’ original mid-century chairs (lucky you…) or a cool cast-off table you reclaimed from the alley (lucky, again). It’s these chance encounters and unexpected pairings that add stories to your home and make it uniquely yours.

We are Modern Together, working rooms to their roomiest potential, whether sized S, M or L.

We are an urban company, headquartered in Chicago, so we get the space:function ratio. It’s no wonder then that some of our biggest fans (who also happen to live in the smallest places) are in Manhattan where square footage is at a premium and design is in high demand. If we can surpass the acid test of a 450 sq. ft. apartment, imagine how great we’ll do in any space, large or small. We welcome the challenge and design for it daily.

We are Modern Together, partnering with unexpected thinkers.

Our furniture and accessories collaborations with international artists and designers inspire us. Our exclusive capsule collections with the Renegade Art Fair keep us crafty and let us mentor independent makers on how to see their original ideas produced to reach a larger audience.  We host community events in our stores with design experts, from a trending florist in the neighborhood to top designers seen on HGTV and Bravo TV. In 2014, our APT CB2 initiative captured worldwide attention with a five-day, live-feed experience in which our customers and five design bloggers of influence furnished an empty SoHo apartment together in real-time online. 

We are Modern Together, helping others in their important missions.

The CB2 family is honored to partner on a national level with three causes that align with our hearts and minds—hunger, diversity and creativity through the arts. We invite you to learn more about our involvement with food banks in our local communities to help end hunger; with GLSEN and Characters Unite to help promote LGBT diversity and end discrimination through education; and with Creativity Explored to support artists of all abilities.

We are Modern Together, staying connected with you before, during and after a purchase.

(Or with no purchase at all…we just love having you around.) We’re in your inbox with fun ideas and special deals. We’re just a phone call away to answer any question at 800.606.6252. We’re in our 14 stores 7 days a week, happy to help you figure things out and happy to have you tell us things you think we should figure out. We want to be an inspiring creative resource in your life and vice-versa.