A Collection That Turns Up The Volume

October 16, 2015

The story of how CB2 x Kravitz Design by Lenny Kravitz came to be.

Lenny Kravitz with Alicia Waters, Director of Marketing (left), and Ryan Turf, Managing Director, at the collaboration launch party in our New York City store.

We are thrilled about our latest partnership with Kravitz Design, the interior design firm of Grammy-winning, style icon Lenny Kravitz.
Known for a long list of luxury design projects, the firm teamed up with us to release 20 exclusive pieces that look high-end but cost much less. Each one is reflective of Kravitz’s experiences with diverse cultures, homes across the world, and his affinity for 1970s design. So how did this dream partnership become a reality? We talked to Ryan Turf, our Managing Director, to get the scoop and find out how he feels about the results.

How did the whole thing come about?
“I learned that Lenny was a fan of CB2, which was so exciting to me. And I ran into his agent at a press event and told him that we were flattered and would love to create something cool together. His design firm, Kravitz Design, started in 2003, and I knew he was passionate about design and style.”

Why do you think the partnership works?
“We’re a unique, modern brand partnering with Lenny Kravitz and Kravitz Design, both known for their passion for style and fashion. A lot of things that inspire him inspire us as well. And we’re not tied to many rules. That’s enabled us to look at anything being possible. All opportunities can be out on the table.”

How did the process go?
“The whole thing was a very open, two-way street. We wanted the collection to reflect Kravitz Design’s vision and passions, and we were just here to make it all work. We would share what our customers are passionate about with the Kravitz Design team, and they’d use that feedback to develop their designs. We wanted to offer customers a balance of furniture and accessories, and in the end, we really love the results. These pieces looks like ones you’d normally have to scour the internet for and pay a premium to get.”

Would you do it again?
“We love finding partners and collaborators who have a fresh look and can bring some surprise to the marketplace. Lenny’s team is extremely talented and professional. They were a real pleasure to work with.”

And last but certainly not least, what was it like to meet Lenny Kravitz?
“It was a surreal experience, and he was very nice and really excited about the collection. In fact, he’s putting a few pieces in his own homes.”

Lenny Kravitz with his daughter Zoë Kravitz