’90s fashion comes home

August 20, 2015

We round up familiar street styles experiencing an interior design renaissance.

Old-school sneakers. Choker necklaces. Mesh jerseys. One year since classic ’90s street styles cropped back up on urban hipsters (you know, that whole “normcore” thing), they’ve made their way home. Sporty and simple, the aesthetic combine bold colors—black, white, yellow—with edgy textures like rubber and mesh. Check out how some of our newest ’90s-inspired home decor and accessories honor a few of our old favorites.

Mesh jerseys that says, “I’m easy, edgy, and legitimately cool.” So does this vase.

Cher Horowitz would, like, totally have this black-and-yellow plaid pouf in her closet. Duh.

The ’90s put stripes on shower shoes. We took the classic motif to bed with this minimalist duvet.

The grey New Balance sneaker waltzes its way into the kitchen as basic-but-not-boring basketweave placemats.

In the ’90s, we wore our chopsticks. This hot red pair is meant for mealtime, spring-loaded like a clothespin to make it easier to eat ramen and fried rice.

How do we pay tribute to the couple and crazy ensemble that once captured our hearts? With a super-soft, denim-on-denim sofa.

Remember those one-size-fits-all popcorn shirts? Thanks to Aunt Mary, we had one in every color. These days, we prefer our 3-D texture in pillow form.

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