New Style Resolutions

January 9, 2017

Five looks, feels, and luxe materials we’re all about in 2017.

Our design team went all in on pieces that make a statement—big and small. Nothing cookie cutter here, it’s all meant to feel like a rare vintage find, or inspired by one. Quality materials and sophisticated silhouettes with that signature CB2 attitude. Keeping that in mind, here are five style resolutions we’re making this year that are sure to create a home as unique, inspired and creative as you are. Got a few ideas of your own? Share your style resolutions with us at #mycb2.

1. Rise above the trends
This year we’re all about that coveted combo of classic and cool. Old-school materials with modern silhouettes. Pieces that feel collected and designs that only get better with age. Take our Aqua Virgo dining table, made from hi-gloss, high-quality burl wood veneer. An upscale material used in the 1920s and even more coveted today today. Oh, and our impossibly cool Antonio acrylic chair that could have come straight from a vintage estate sale in Milan. No exaggeration.

2. Stick with materials that matter
If 2017 will be defined by anything, it will be luxe materials that demand attention like Mongolian sheepskin, edgy two-tone marble and luxe velvet. And we’re calling it now, the breakout material of the year—shagreen. The embossed, reptilian-like texture is chic yet classic. And even better? Ours is animal-friendly faux. We’re introducing this fashion-forward texture to the bedroom/office in a dresser, nightstand and desk. You’re welcome.

3. Edit your color palette
To be clear, we’re not walking away from color, just refining. Our 2017 palette is a bit more demure, so to speak. A few choice colors in a range of tones establishes an elevated vibe. Warm neutrals, black, white and one accent color pulls a room together perfectly.

4. Go greenery
We couldn’t be more on board with Pantone’s color choice for 2017—Greenery. It’s fresh, optimistic and exactly what you need to begin that spring transition. Just choose a few bright accessories like these Cayman curtains and tonal green dinnerware. They perfectly pop against a neutral palette and you’ll go back to them season after season.

5. Make a stunning first impression
Don’t try to build suspense, let your entryway set the style tone for your space. Pieces like the Oberlin bench, Caplet mirror and Rise and Fall coat rack are all impossibly chic and serve an important entry purpose—storage. Apparently, you can have it all.

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